January Recap – 2018 Reading Challenge

Not much to announce in the writing department. I’ve been focusing my energy on a few other aspects of my life that have been struggling for a bit.

I did manage to get a little reading done in January, checking 4 books off of the 2018 Reading Challenge list.

  • Artemis by Andy Weir (A book set on a different planet)

I really enjoyed The Martian a year or so ago when I read it, so I jumped on the copy of Artemis when I saw it on the Most Wanted Books shelf at my library (which is a display of popular books that are first come-first serve, no holds). While I didn’t enjoy the story as much as The Martian, it was still an interesting and imaginative story involving a smuggler living on the only city on the moon. The details of a potential moon life were curious and well thought out. Biggest downside for me was the amount of swearing and sexual content. Not a fan of that in any writing, so that was my only real complaint.

  • Mind Hunter by John Douglas & Mark Olshaker (True crime)

Okay, this one was fascinating! The history of a FBI agent and the development of the profiling method used to identify serial killers. Ironically, found out that John Douglas went to college for a while in my hometown (though many years before I was born). The content was often disturbing, as it talked about the gruesome murders done around the country. My husband was recently watching a show by the same title on either Netflix or Hulu, which seems inspired by this book based on our compared notes.

  • Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton (A book made into a movie you’ve already seen)

I wasn’t initially sure how easy it’d be to find a book in this category, but a quick Google search pulled Jurassic Park up for me and I happened to have that book on my shelf for some reason (though I’d never read it). The book is similar to the movie, though there were a few differences in who died between the book and the movie, but the discovery of the dinosaurs breeding and how the trouble on the island started was so much more involved and suspenseful! One of my favorite scenes involved a graph of the number of animals in the Park, when the characters realize that the computer counting the dinosaurs had a glitch in it and suddenly you realize that there are way more animals than first thought, especially of the deadly raptors. There was also a great scene involving the T-rex swimming like a crocodile after the protagonists, which I’m terribly bummed they didn’t have in the movie, because the mental image I got was utterly terrifying.

  • The Lock Artist by Steve Hamilton (A book involving a heist)

Written from the perspective of the protagonist, Michael, who’s in prison for reasons you later discover, The Lock Artist hops back and forth between two points in time in Michael’s life. One deals with his childhood/teen years, detailing how he meets the girl of his dreams and begins to learn how to pick locks and crack safes. The second takes place when he’s on his own, traveling the country to various jobs that need his talents. I had to pay attention to the tops of each chapter to keep from getting confused at what point in time we were at, but I enjoyed the way the story unfolded and the truth was revealed.

Are you participating in the Challenge? What did you read last month?


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