Bringing Stephen Home

We interrupt the regularly scheduled writing updates to bring your attention to something close to my heart.

From December 2002 through June 2003, I lived in Ghana, West Africa with a missionary family named the Icenogles. I joined a family of 10 — Steve and Jen with their 2 kids, Steve’s mom, 3 Ghanaian students, and a young mom and her 1-year-old son, Stephen.

Stephen was one of my special little buddies, getting excited every time we saw each other in the kitchen for breakfast and snuggling with me during family nights on Fridays.


Over the last 14 years, a lot has changed for Stephen. His story is shared on the GoFundMe page, Bringing Stephen Home, but long story short is that more than two years ago, the Icenogles adopted Stephen in Ghana, and shortly afterwards, had to move back to the U.S. Since then, they’ve been caught up in the U.S. adoption system and they’ve been unable to bring Stephen home to live with them.

I want to boost the signal for the Icenogles and Stephen, so I’m sharing their story here. I’d love to see him back with the family that loves him so much. Check out Bringing Stephen Home for more information.

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