2017 Reading Challenge

I’ve been meaning to work on this post for the last 4 weeks. Each time I sat down to write, I’ve gotten distracted by something else (some of which I hope to talk about later).

I’m once again trying a Reading Challenge. Over the last few years, I’ve done the yearly reading challenges as a way to expand my reading choices. If left to my own devices, I never read anything other than fantasy.

Last year I only got 8 of the 40 books on the list. Part of that was due to being mentally caught up in the Battle of the Bargaws revision, and the other problem was that I didn’t want to start on another book until I’d written a review for the previous one, and I kept putting the reviews off…

This year, I’m not going to worry as much with the reviews, unless there’s a huge outcry that I do them. I’ll do my reading when I wish and if reviews happen, they happen.

In fact, since 2017 started, I’ve already read 7 of the 52 categories on the list and I’m part way through the 8th book.


The 2017 Reading Challenge taped in the back of my Passion Planner

Here’s what I’ve read so far!

  • An audiobook: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling
  • A book involving a mythical creature: Hunter by Mercedes Lackey
  • A book with a red spine: A Beauty Refined by Tracie Peterson
  • A book with a title that’s a character’s name: Silhouette by Justin Richards
  • A novel set during wartime: Wrath by John Gwynne
  • A book with pictures: Legendary Locals of Bozeman by Rachel Phillips and the Gallatin History Museum
  • The first book in a series you haven’t read before: A Treasure Concealed by Tracie Peterson

As always, I’m open for suggestions for anything on the list that hasn’t been read. Please comment with any books you’d recommend for the challenge. There’s still plenty of time to jump in to the 2017 Reading Challenge. Let me know if you’re joining me and what you’re reading, too!

One thought on “2017 Reading Challenge

  1. I, too, am taking the reading challenge. Feel free to be check out my list for suggestions or inspirations.

    I highly recommend “84, Charing Cross Road” for a book of letters.


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