Holiday Ne’er Do Wells

I think I nearly got robbed this week.

I saw a Facebook post a couple days ago from our local police department. It was warning residents of “holiday ne’er do wells” who were going through mailboxes to steal gifts sent via mail. I took note and went on with my day.

Then I was feeding my three kids lunch, preparing for an afternoon homework and piano lessons. I glanced up and out my big front windows and saw a man coming up my sidewalk. He wasn’t wearing any delivery uniform, so I assumed he was a solicitor of some sort. He came onto the porch and passed out of view behind our front door.

I waited for the knock, ready to open the door.

No knock.

No knock.

So, I just opened the door and said, “Hi.”

My husband’s snowboard, which had been sitting next to the front door, was in the guy’s hands. He swiftly put it down. “Um, hi. What time is it?”

His question caught me off guard and I half started to turn away to check a clock, then decided against it. “About 1:30,” I said, making my best guess.

“Thanks,” he said and hustled off my porch and across the yard. As I watched, a car rounded the corner and pulled in front of my house. The man ran to the car, jumped in, and they sped off.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket with shaky hands and called 911.

Oh, and I moved the snowboard into the house, just in case.

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