Day 22 – NaNoWriMo 2016

Day 16: 1853

Day 17: 1768

Day 18: 2243

Day 19: 1757

Day 20: 765

Day 21: 3573

Day 22 (so far): 2795

I’m currently less than 2000 words away from hitting 50,000. I have 23 plot cards remaining, so Crafting the Badger’s Head is still on track to at least tie last year’s NaNo, Noontide Green. If I can find more time today to write, I should be able to hit 50,000, which will make this my fastest NaNo win yet.

I unfortunately came across a little hiccup in my plot. One of my minor characters has become more of a major one. He’s supplanted his father in a lot of the story, so I’m considering having the son take over a key confrontation rather than the father doing it. But it would require some reworking of the order of the plot, which makes other key scenes a little more difficult.

So I should probably spend my spare time figuring out how to make this change work, rather than writing myself into a corner that I’ll have to revise out of later.

To my fellow NaNo participants, keep up the words!

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