NaNoWriMo 2016 Halfway Mark (and a Tale of Two Eyes)

Day 11: 2889

Day 12: 1748

Day 13: 1988

Day 14: 1708

Day 15: 678

Yesterday was the halfway mark for NaNo 2016 and proved to be the toughest of writing days for me. It wasn’t even writing that caused the challenges. It was what happened during yesterday.

If any of you had spent a substantial amount of time around my 6-year-old, you may have noticed that her eyes had a tendency to drift outward. Kind of like going wall-eyed, I guess. They had a different name for it, but I can’t remember what. When she was really little, her right eye just lost focus and drifted, but it did it rarely and only when she was tired. As she got older, it happened more often.

She got glasses at 3 years old, which improved the problem slightly. We tried patching and different exercises, with varying degrees of success. We went from our regular optometrist to a specialist in a bigger city 2 hours away. Her left eye began doing the same thing as the right.

Over the summer, I noticed that her right eye drifted any time she looked at something for more than a few seconds. It did it constantly. So at a recent appointment to the specialist, my husband and I informed him of that and he said that it was probably time for the one thing we were hoping to avoid.


We agreed, though reluctantly, but with her eye drifting more and more often, we were running a higher risk of her losing her sight in that eye. So surgery it would be.

Her and I went to the bigger city on Monday, to prep for her surgery on Tuesday morning. We got a hotel for two nights, while my mom stayed home with the twins and my husband kept working a job he couldn’t afford to be away from for 3 days. I brought my husband’s work laptop with the intent of keeping myself busy.

Day 15 was Tuesday and the same day as my daughter’s surgery. I wrote a little in a half distracted fashion before waking her up and taking her to the hospital. Surgery was at 8 a.m. We were back at the hotel by noon.

Yep, that quick.

But the rest of the day was spent with the two of us lounging in the hotel room while the rest of the anesthesia wore off, with me occasionally giving her Tylenol when she started complaining about her eyes hurting. She looks a little cross-eyed now, which the doctor said would be normal and would improve over the next couple weeks, since he detached and reattached muscles in her eyes. The stitches will dissolve on their own and apparently the eye heals faster than any other part of the body. So fast, in fact, that she could go back to school tomorrow.

If she stops seeing double, which is another side effect.

If you didn’t notice the bloodshot corners of her eyes and her tendency to bump into things right now, you’d never know she’d just had surgery yesterday. I can hear her playing with Legos in her room right now. She hasn’t had any pain medicine since first thing this morning, so I’m thinking she’s already on the mend.

Hopefully this surgery corrects her problem from now on and we can go back to the regular optometrist after a couple follow up appointments.

And maybe next time I’ll see if I can put off surgeries until after NaNo.


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