Suddenly, September!


Welp, August sure got away from me. As far as 2016 is concerned, this had been my least productive month. I set out with a goal of getting my edits on the Tales of Mysera stories done after my friends from Redwall Survivor left. I thought coming off the high of finishing Battle of the Bargaws and Holly Lilse’s How to Revise Your Novel would help. I printed out my short stories, sat down with my edit notes from my friend, and promptly hit a brick wall.

I spent over two hours just trying to figure out where I should start. Do I do a mini version of HTRYN on the short stories? Do I work through the notes from my critiquer as if they were set in stone recommendations?

Then I stumbled across this article on Writers in the Storm.

Go ahead and read it, I’ll wait here until you’re back…

Back? Good. Onward!

Anyway, it helped me pinpoint where I was mentally with my writing and I dove in, determined to get the stories done.

I got 4 of 8. That 4 were done in one morning at a coffee shop. I’ve got one that’s half done that I’m considering just tossing in our fire pit because I’m so frustrated with it. Three haven’t been touched.

I was going to try to plow through the rest of them this week, but the last week of August decided to hit me with a puking 2-year-old and me falling down a flight of four stairs. I’m okay from the fall, having suffered a twisted ankle, skinned elbow, a bruised shin, and bruised knees (and maybe damaged my pride because I went splat right at the feet of 3 other people). My 2-year-old was diagnosed with Strep Throat, so she’s on meds now that’ll hopefully help her kick this bug to the curb.

Unfortunately, this weekend is our big Church Family Camp. We were signed up to help with meals, bring cookies, plus there are many friends who this is the only time all year we will see them.

Fortunately, since the camp is held on our Church’s property, which is only about 15 minutes from our house, my husband and I can tag team with sick kids and still be able to attend some of the camp. But it’ll be the first time in our memory that either of us has missed some of camp.

Productivity in writing department.



Productivity in anything else… well, that’s debatable.

I’m going to limp through Family Camp this weekend, and my 6-year-old starts school on Wednesday, so I’ll spend some time getting my new schedule figured out. ToM is still going to get done. Sentinels of Mysera is in the hopper after that. Hopefully before NaNoWriMo hits.

So, good-bye August. Hello, September.

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