A Reunion Party

Yesterday was a bit of an odd day for me. It was just the kids and me. My washer and dryer ran constantly, washing blankets and towels. The travel crib, air mattress, tent, and sleeping pads were all put away. I think I retrieved all the half-drunk sodas and water bottles that accidentally got left hither and yon. I still need to vacuum, mop, and give the bathroom a cleaning.

Even with three kids running around, the house feels strangely empty and quiet.

Having 7 people stay with you will do that.

Three of those people were complete strangers a little over a year ago.

Over the last week and a half, the moderator and 5 of the 10 cast members from Mossflower Odyssey 3: The Lost Treasure of Captain Blade were at my house. Though I knew 3 of them personally before the contest, the moderator and 2 members were new friends met during the course of the contest.  Since the contest ended last year, we’ve kept in touch through Skype calling, helping with other writing projects, sharing art, and just chatting over Skype. I’d made general invitations to the crew, telling them to come visit me in Montana and I’d take them through Yellowstone National Park.

I didn’t believe we’d actually end up doing that…

But on August 9th, I picked up 3 guys at the airport who I struggled to call by their real names, since the character names of Robert, Airan, and Tooley rolled off my tongue so much easier. A few days later, the writers for Chak and Scully pulled in my driveway with their kids. The writer for Crue swung by several times for games and dinners.

We went on a hike, played lots of games, had Cooking With Tooley LIVE, traded art (well, Chak, Rob, Airan, and Tooley did), and had our epic journey through Yellowstone.

It was kinda funny, because a year ago, Chak, Scully, Crue, and I (along with one other who’d applied to the contest, but hadn’t made it in) got together. We had a root beer tasting party and hung out, doing a Skype call with others in the cast for fun. And someone mentioned how they wished they could be there with us.

Funny that they actually were, a year later.

I’m feeling nostalgic and a bit lonely for the good times. I spent some of my downtime yesterday reading over our story and the critiques and various conversations that happened on the forums. I never knew last summer, when I threw together an application for MO3, that I would end up making new friends that would travel across the country to all hang out together.

You know, it’s been a hard summer for me. I’ve been working hard on my revision projects and taking care of the kids, while my husband’s barely been home because of his work. All our vacation plans ended up canceled.

I’m a bit of an introvert by nature, but circumstances over the last few months have given me more introversion than even I can handle.

I don’t think I realized just how lonely I’ve been. Having the insanity of all the people in my house, the late nights, and the break in the routine was exactly what I needed.

So to any of the crew of MO3 that read this, thanks for making the effort to come out here. Thanks for the laughs, and the fun, and for letting me drag you around the Rockies. You really made my summer.

2 thoughts on “A Reunion Party

  1. Thank YOU, Elise! It couldn’t have happened without you and I think it made all our summers! It was a blast. I’m sure it’ll go down in our memories like the X-men movie – chock full of nostalgia for such good times.

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