BotB Revision Complete!

As of this afternoon, it is finished. Done. Completed.

I’ve successfully gone through all 22 lessons in Holly Lisle’s How To Revise Your Novel course. I have in my hands a 13 chapter, 70,000 word completed manuscript.


It took 7 months to do, which is 2 months longer than I had hoped. The write-in and type-in portions of the course took longer than I thought I could pull off. Not sure what I was thinking there, honestly.

For any writers out there who have ever struggled with revision, I don’t think I could more highly recommend Holly Lisle’s course. HTRYN blew my expectations out of the water and the sheer number of things I learned over the last 7 months is mind-boggling. Next time she opens the course up for students, be one of them. It’s worth it!

Anyway, Sentinels of Mysera #2: Battle of the Bargaws is now ready to be looked at by my content editors and I’ve got a tentative publish date of July 2017 on my schedule.

Checked that one off the list and it’s on to the next.

Next is edits on my collection of short stories, Tales of Mysera. I’ve got a lovely stack of notes from my old shipmate, Tooley (who I met in last summer’s Mossflower Odyssey III: The Lost Treasure of Captain Blade). Going through my stories with his comments, plus a few things I learned through HTRYN shouldn’t take too long, so I hope to have a concrete publish date for those soon.

After Tales of Mysera, it’ll be once more unto the breach that is Sentinels of Mysera. I’ve got a few things to fix, and a few things to apply from HTRYN as well, but my goal is to have a date on that by the end of the year (or NaNoWriMo, if things really go well).

The road goes ever on and on…

Stay tuned for exciting new developments.









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