Fire Touched – 2016 Reading Challenge Review

Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs was another eBook from my library that I’ve been waiting for since March. The latest book in her Mercy Thompson series, I jumped on the waiting list shortly after it released.

While I waited for my turn at Fire Touched, I discovered that eAudiobooks were available to download through the library, with the same rules as the eBooks. Since it had been a while since I’d read earlier books in the Mercy Thompson series, I decided to listen to the eAudiobook versions of the series.

I have discovered a new love in eAudiobooks. They’ve been very handy to listen to while doing housework, or driving back and forth to pick up my 6-year-old from school, or to just lay in bed and listen to before falling asleep (and then having to rewind slightly because I dozed off during the book and missed a chapter or two).

I got almost entirely through the Mercy Thompson and Alpha & Omega series before Fire Touched became available. Missed out on Night Broken, since there wasn’t yet an eAudiobook available for that one and I didn’t have time to grab my copy off the shelf.

So, Fire Touched takes place after the events of Night Broken and Dead Heat (Alpha & Omega #4). Mercy and her husband’s werewolf pack are dealing with backlash of events that have taken place over the course of both series, mostly involving the fae. A troll is sent by the fae into the Colombia River Basin Pack’s territory and Mercy and the pack must stop it before it kills too many innocent humans. In the process, they meet a boy who the fae want very badly, a boy who’s lived in the lost fae realm of Underhill. Mercy’s decision to offer the pack’s protection to the boy sends ripples through the supernatural community and through her own circle of friends.

I’m not generally a big fan of the hyped up werewolf and vampire books, but Patricia Briggs’ series have captured my imagination and made me laugh and cry. I love the pop culture references that she weaves in there (Doctor Who references FTW!). If you’re going to read Fire Touched, you’d best get through the rest of the series first, plus Alpha & Omega, plus the book of short stories, Shifting Shadows, because all of these play into Fire Touched.

Given the amount of blue on the cover of Fire Touched, I decided it would qualify as “A book with a blue cover” from the 2016 Reading Challenge list.

I should mention that Patricia Briggs is one of the few of my favorite authors that I’ve had the privilege of meeting. She did a book signing at Hastings two years ago, which I attended while wearing my Doctor Who “I’m either having twins or a Time Lord” t-shirt over my pregnant belly. She was very kind to me, laughed at my shirt, and talked with me for bit (which I mentioned in another post a while back). I got great advice and tips for when I do my own book signings someday. After having a less-than-positive experience with a very arrogant local author many years ago, her visit was great.


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