Mitosis – 2016 Reading Challenge Review

I guess there’s one good thing about being stuck at home sick. I’ve got a good reason to lounge back and catch up on the reviews and reading on which I’ve woefully fallen behind.

By the way, I’m normally a pretty hardy individual. I don’t get sick very often, usually because I’m pretty good about taking my vitamins. That seems to cut most illness short with me, but given recent stresses in my life, plus being lazy about the vitamins, well… Let’s just say that my normal voice would be equivalent to one of the Badger Marms from Redwall. Right now, my sickly self is managing elderly squirrel volume. No voice Elise, that’s me…

Continuing on…

I’ve been waiting literally months for the eBook edition of Mitosis by Brandon Sanderson to be available through my library. For a short story, it really took a long time for everyone else to get through it, though that was probably more because people weren’t returning the book when they finished, so each person kept it for the full 14 days.

Anyway, I breezed through Mitosis, and returned my digital copy promptly, then realized that I forgot to hang onto it for review references and to take a screenshot. So, no picture. Sorry.

Given the small size of Mitosis, I’m checking “A book that’s under 150 pages” off the list.

Mitosis is a short story in The Reckoners series, set between the books Steelheart and Firefight, which would make it Reckoners Book 1.5. The book just captures a small adventure of David and his Reckoner friends when a new Epic (i.e. evil superhero) comes to town after their victory over Steelheart. Mitosis, with the ability to multiply himself indefinitely, has targeted David. With Mitosis hot on his heels, David has to figure out a weakness for the Epic, or die.

Mitosis was a quick, fun read that just added one more layer of color to an already brilliant world created by Brandon Sanderson. If you’re a fan of Sanderson, check it out! If you’re not yet a Sanderson fan, go pick up Steelheart first, and then read Mitosis.

Read anything good lately? Are you working through the 2016 Reading Challenge, too? Ever tried to check out eBooks or eAudiobooks via your library? Let me know in the comments!

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