BotB Revision Update #3

I have reached the next step in Holly Lisle’s How To Revise Your Novel course. Yesterday morning, I sat down for my regularly scheduled early morning writing time (squeezed in between getting the oldest off to school and the twins waking up for the day). I read over the lesson, sat down with my notebook to do the tasks set out in the lesson.

Less than 2 hours later, I was done.

Most lessons don’t work that way for me. I probably spent a good 15+ hours on Lesson 7, and I’ve had a few long weeks since.

I pulled out Lesson 17 and read it over.

I FINALLY get to make changes to the actual manuscript! The last 16 lessons have been evaluating what’s in the draft, figuring out what I want in the finished book, tracking down loose ends, checking settings and characters, and so many, many other things.

As of Lesson 17, I’m putting all that work into changing the manuscript.

It’s exciting, and scary, but thanks to Holly Lisle’s guidance, I have a very concrete plan to keep me on track. She even goes so far as to give you a diagram on her preferred table setup for revision. I modified it so it would work with my Wonderfile without a lot of extra rearranging each time I have to clear off my table for a meal, but I really appreciate how complete Holly’s classes are.

Fortunately, the next 4 lessons are going to be all focusing on cutting the manuscript, so I don’t have to worry about finishing the darn thing in one week.

Which is good, since if the first scene of BotB is any indication, I’ve got a long road ahead of me.

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