BotB Revision Update #2

I completed Lesson 10 of Holly Lisle’s How To Revise Your Novel course this afternoon. Lesson 10 is kind of considered a halfway point of sorts.

As far as I can tell, the worksheet portion of what I’ve been doing is done. I’ve got a good 1 inch or more of worksheets filled out and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve both read through the manuscript or just skimmed through it, depending on need.


Let me say, Holly is a master of making the right brain and left brain work together. There’s been a lot of left brain analytical work being done via the worksheets, but then Lesson 10 threw in a big ol’ right brain exercise that took a few interesting twists. I’ve had stuff simmering in my head for about 10 weeks now and, as each week goes by and I go through the lessons, more ideas and twists and things are coming to me.

I still haven’t changed a darn thing in the manuscript itself. But today I finished writing out the brightly colored note cards that are forming the new plot card outline for Battle of the Bargaws. I’ve glanced at the next couple lessons and I’ve got more to do before any actual changes will be made, but it’s getting closer and I’m really excited to see what I end up with when this is all said and done.


A friend of mine commented that he was looking forward to reading the manuscript when I’m all done with it. I told him I was, too. Hah! I’ve got a lot of little holes and things figured out and a couple more that I hope I’ll find ways to fill in as I go through the next 12 lessons.

Lesson 7 was a beast to me and it opened my eyes to my greatest weakness (or at least that I’ve discovered so far). I was once told that I had “colorful characters running around on a white background”. I thought I’d fixed that.

I’d only fixed a part of it.

The big exercise of Lesson 7 told me that my descriptions of my world were sorely lacking, but it also has given me a method to fix that without overdoing descriptions.

I’m excited to keep going and I can’t wait to see where I end up next!

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