The Conclusion of Mossflower Odyssey III

The Redwall Survivor competition has concluded, for the most part. A handful of final posts and epilogues need to go up, but the voting is over. The winner has been announced. For those of you who may have been following the story, I’m going to reveal my character.

I was the amulet-obsessed, “not-a-pirate”, pyromaniac cook named…


Image created by Airan

Vera was my only application that I entered into Redwall Survivor and I didn’t put as much effort into it as I should have. I wrote my application for her in a day, let it sit until it was almost time for us to leave for our Denver vacation, then scrambled to revise and send it out. Vera’s app was not very well received and I honestly didn’t think I’d get in.

When I did, I didn’t think I’d last long. Vera was very disliked by the audience at first. Plus I came into the first round a bit late, since I was still on vacation during the first part. I know my absence made my fellow cast members nervous during that first round.

When the first round passed and I squeaked by alive, I was completely shocked. I took the critiques I’d gotten from my app and first few posts and did my best to apply them to the character. One of the biggest mistakes I made with Vera is that I didn’t do a single bit of character building beyond the application. I had no reason for her to be stealing an amulet. She had no background and very little personality.


Avatar by Vizon… wait for it…

As the weeks and months past, I delved into the character more and more. I’d originally intended Vera to be a bit more crazy and evil than she turned out. But I like the way she ended up in the end.

It was a huge shock to actually make it to the top three. I had a few weeks along the way where I was certain I would be next to go, but my vixen carried me through to the end.

To the rest of the cast, thanks for the ride! It was fun to get to know Chak, Scully, and Crue (who I know in real life) better. Plink, it was good have an old face from the glory days of the ROC and to do a form of role playing again with you, and thank you so much for writing Hylan’s song for me! Tooley, man, you were probably the most helpful out of everyone. Thanks for the critiques, brainstorming, and just the fun times. I’ve never laughed so hard listening to someone cook before. Who knew banana bread at 3 am could be so funny! 🙂 Robert, Ciera, Fildering, and Vasily, it was an honor to write and interact with your characters. Thanks for the fun and the memories! And last, but certainly not least, Airan. You were a fantastic moderator. Thanks for creating the fun plot line involving Atlas and Captain Blade. I hope I’ll get to participate in a future contest with you.

To Matra, Kingsdotr, and all the others who critiqued the posts at some point or the other, thank you for taking the time to read the story and offer your thoughts. We of the cast lived for those days when we saw comments and reviews.

Oh, and Vizon, thanks for all the artwork! If you want to see what Vizon drew during the competition, check out her thread on the forums.

To all the readers, thank you for reading and voting. I hope you enjoyed the story!


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