Wonder File — Writing Tools

Does anyone else besides me eye those “As seen on TV” products dubiously? They always seem to make those items look so amazing and I honestly wonder if most of them are half as good as they claim.

Well, a couple years ago, I was doing some shopping at our local Ross and I walked past a display of miscellaneous “As seen on TV” merchandise. One of them caught my eye. It was called a Wonder File and was advertised as a portable workstation. I gave it a closer look. See, one of the problems I’ve run into over the years of working on revising Sentinels of Mysera is the paper piles that accumulate. I like to revise on paper with a pen, but unfortunately, that means spreading a couple hundred pages of paper out across some flat surface. I don’t have a designated writing desk, so my kitchen table often serves as that. But I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve run into the problem of spreading my work all out, then to have to spend 10 minutes picking it up so we could have dinner or whatever. Then there was the problem of often I couldn’t find my pens, or my sticky notes, or my notebooks, especially if it had been a while since I worked on it. Often it was “too much hassle” to pull out the materials, so I didn’t do it at all. And lets not even talk about the hassle of taking my stuff to a coffee shop to work…

As I studied the Wonder File, I saw how it could possibly save me a lot of headache by becoming my ‘writing desk’. All four corners could hold papers, plus the middle bottom section, and the three pockets in the middle top section would give me a spot for all my ‘tools’. I hemmed and hawed for a few minutes, because I often feel guilty when it comes to buying myself something, but eventually decided to take the Wonder File home.

Boy, am I glad I did!

When I decide to work on one of my revisions, it takes just a minute to plop the Wonder File on the table and open it up. I keep everything I need for my revisions in the Wonder File, so everything is where I need it. No searching. The pockets let me divide up my work into the various piles that my brain demands. When I’m done, it’s a simple matter of tucking everything in it’s pocket and folding it up.

If I get a chance to run to a coffee shop to work, I just grab the file and I’m out the door. Simple.

The thing has proven to be quite durable. It currently houses approx 200 pages of the Battle of the Bargaws manuscript, two notebooks, a few revision checklists, a small case of index cards, the pile of line-per-scene index cards for the project, pens, and multiple pads of sticky notes. It also had my copy of Holly Lilse’s Create a Plot Clinic tucked in there when I initially pulled it out for pictures, but I’m going to need that for NaNoWriMo so it’s migrated to my computer desk.

Ever seen the Wonder File? Ever bought an “As seen on TV” product that was well worth the money spent? Let me know in the comments below.

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