This has been a frustrating week for me in the writing department. Found myself incredibly challenged by my posts for Mossflower Odyssey III, though I’ve gotten a huge amount of help from one cast member in particular (you know who you are!). I did find myself taking little mental breaks for the sake of my sanity by reading through one of the books I had on hold at the library. I wasn’t sure if Firefight by Brandon Sanderson would check off a category on my 2015 Reading Challenge, but given the number of times it made me giggle, I figured it could qualify as “A funny book.”

Firefight is the sequel to Steelheart, which I read and reviewed earlier this year for the challenge. It’s the continuing story of David and his fight against the Epics. However, due to events that happened in Steelheart, David is now unsure of his original assessment of “All Epics are evil and must die.” He’s sure there’s a way to make Epics goods. He’s just got to figure it out.

David and some of the Reckoners team go to Babilar (formerly New York City) with plans to take out the Epics known as Obliteration and Regalia, and everyone on the team also wants to do away with a former ally, an Epic named Firefight.

While not quite as good as Steelheart, Firefight still was a great story and had it’s usual set of twists by Sanderson that left me squealing. Plus there are David’s terrible analogies (like a catapult that shoots enormous grapes) and a character named Mizzy who’s an absolute hoot (particularly in the scene where she gets ‘scribe duties’).

Overall, a fun book and another great one by Sanderson!

As soon as I have the craziness that is Week 6 of Redwall Survivor behind me, I’ll be tackling “A mystery or thriller.” My little sister recommended House by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker.

Anyone else out there still chugging away at the challenge?

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