The 2015 Reading Challenge should have bonus points for random book grabs or something. I went to the library with my kids the other day in order to pay off the *cough* $15 *cough* worth of fines I managed to accrue while reading through The Obsidian Trilogy. I had a couple books in mind to grab, but found none of them on the shelves. In slight desperation, I checked the New Releases section and found Sand by Hugh Howey. I remembered that one category I still had to read was “A book with a one-word title”. So I grabbed it.

Sand has a very post-apocalyptic feel to it. Near as I could tell, it’s set in Colorado, which has been transformed into a vast desert due to whatever calamity happened. The story follows a set of four siblings who, for the most part, are very knowledgeable in using diving gear.

Yes, I know. Desert and diving gear should not be in the same plot line. Bear with me…

The diving gear that Palmer, Vic, Conner, and Rob use is special technology that can manipulate the sand into behaving like water (or make it more solid). Divers will go down in the sand, looking for ruins of the civilization that was before the calamity. Artifacts like bikes, coffee makers, and coins are brought up and repaired and sold in the towns. But, just like in water diving, you have to take tanks of air with you and there are all sorts of difficulties that come from diving too deep.

Piecing together the mystery of the area, what they’re looking for, and the overall story was great. As far as the character’s go, I really enjoyed Palmer, though Vic was definitely a multifaceted character. There’s more crude humor and sexual stuff than I generally like in my books, which was the biggest turn off for me.

Overall, though, I enjoyed the story and I’m adding Hugh Howey to my list of stuff to read more of when this challenge is over.

In the next couple of days, I’ll be reviewing Firefight by Brandon Sanderson as “A funny book”.


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