The Obsidian Trilogy 

Well, that took a LOT longer than anticipated. When I chose The Obsidian Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory, I didn’t expect that it would take me all summer to get through them. Now I’m way overdue to get these back to the library (hello, library fines…), but I finally finished the series last night.

Overall, I wasn’t thrilled with the series. The first book was the most interesting, in my opinion. The second and third books really seemed to drag, with the exception of the last 1/3 of When Darkness Falls.

The series mostly follows a young human named Kellen, who is the son of the Arch-Mage of the great human city of Armethaliah. Kellen has been training for years to become a High Mage like his father, but he’s failed miserably. When he finds three mysterious books in the marketplace that seem to detail something called Wild Magic, his life changes forever. Kellen’s study of Wild Magic results in him being banished from the city. There, he meets a snarky Unicorn named Shalkan who helps him to survive and meet another Wild Mage. During his adventures Kellen learns of the Demons, who are trying to once more conquer the world above, and learns why he never could get the hang of High Magic.

The world created by Lackey and Mallory is a good one. There are three different major magics in the world: High Magic, Wild Magic, and the Dark Arts. Each magic system has a price attached to it for the working of the magic. The history behind the world is fascinating and each race is so incredibly different. I particularly liked the Elves with their love of tea, beauty, and insanely polite manners (where it is considered downright rude to ask a direct question). I would have liked to see more of the Centaurs.

I’m hoping for a trip to the library today, where I will pick up another book for the 2015 Reading Challenge (possibly “A mystery or thriller”). By this point, I’m unfortunately very far behind and I’m not sure I’ll be able to catch up in the midst of all my other projects. I’m still going to try, though. I’ve completed 21 of the 50 books on the list. Can I read 29 books in the next 4 months? Heh, I guess we’ll find out.

Speaking of the challenge, does anyone have a good recommendation for “A book with a number in the title”? I’m having trouble narrowing that category down?

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