Seventh Sanctum — Writing Tools

Last week I talked about The Emotion Thesaurus as a fantastic writing tool. This week I’m focusing on a different tool that I use on a regular basis, especially in planning and rough draft stages of my work.

The website Seventh Sanctum is an interesting website that I think I found through my NaNoWriMo experiences. Seventh Sanctum is a website FULL of random generators for everything from character names, to spaceships, to mixed drinks, to… well… some really strange stuff. If you’re into tabletop roleplaying games, this site can definitely help out there, but there’s lots of bits that authors can make use of as well.

For example, there’s one particular name generator listed on the site that is my go-to for when I need random names. In Sentinels of Mysera, the antagonist’s right-hand man was given his name and appearance through a couple different generators. For one of my NaNo novels, every building on an island was named through another generator. I’ve used this

Seventh Sanctum is a huge help for writer’s block, as well. Sometimes, just clicking through suggestions on a generator will stir me out of a slump with a few ideas on new angles to take the story.

Have you ever used Seventh Sanctum for anything writing related? What’s your favorite generator to use?

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