Dead Heat

As soon as I heard that Patricia Briggs had a new book out this year, I knew that was what I’d read for “A book published this year.” I had Dead Heat on hold at the library for a good month or more before I was finally able to pick it up. I had just started The Three Musketeers, which, as I mentioned, bogged me down for almost a month. While in the middle of The Three Musketeers, I got an email from the library reminding me that Dead Heat was due back the next day… so, I sat down and read Dead Heat in the space of a few hours. Yes, I finished this before The Three Musketeers.

It’s hard for me to decided whether I like Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series better than the Alpha and Omega books. It’s a toss up. Both books take place in the same world over the same time period and minor characters make appearance in both books.

Dead Heat is an urban fantasy that takes place in modern day Arizona. Charles and Anna, a mated pair of werewolves, travel from their home in Montana to Arizona for the purpose of buying Anna a new horse from an old friend of Charles. However, a dangerous fae targets the family of Charles’ friend, so Charles and Anna must hunt it down.

I love the interplay between Charles and Anna. They’re both opposites, yet, compliment each other. I love the protective way they watch over each other. Charles reminds me very much of a character in my Sentinels books, so I really enjoy reading about him. Charles is a hard, dangerous man/wolf who’s known as being the executioner for the head of the werewolves, but this book especially brings out the side of him that is protective as well.

Anna is an Omega wolf, with a unique power that calms other wolves around her, making her incredibly valuable in the pack world. But, Anna’s not a weakling by any means. She’s beautifully written and has to battle her own inner demons.

The supporting cast in Dead Heat is a fun one. The kids kind of steal the show a little bit for a chunk of the book, and watching Anna’s Omega power get an Alpha werewolf acting like a drunk cat on catnip had me giggling.

I highly recommend the Alpha and Omega books. Heck, I highly recommend just about anything by Patricia Briggs.

Next I’ll be reading “A book by an author you’ve never read before,” which will be The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer.

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