The Iron King

Last week, I said that I was going to read The Iron King by Julie Kagawa as “a book with a love triangle”. Yes, I did read it, but I’m going to have to switch the category. Apparently, it’s the 2nd book in The Iron Fey series that contains the love triangle. The first book hints at it, but there isn’t one there. So The Iron King is going to get moved to “a book a friend recommended.”

Now then, I found the book interesting in some areas and a little meh in others. The main character, Meghan Chase, is a very determined, loyal individual, and I found her love for her half-brother to be particularly sweet. My experiences with books is that relationships between half-siblings are pretty rocky, but Meghan genuinely cares for Ethan. Unfortunately, for most of the book, Meghan feels a little bit like the damsel-in-distress. She seems to need to be rescued by one or more of the three guys (and by guys, I mean two “normal” fey and a fey cat.) up until about the very end.

The concept behind the iron fey is a pretty good one. The “normal” fey came into being by man’s imagination and the iron fey have been growing in power due to man’s increasing use of iron. If you’ve read other books involving fey, you’re probably aware that iron is painful and fatal to almost all types of fey, so it shouldn’t be too hard to see the conflict between the two different worlds.

Meghan’s quest to rescue her brother from the Iron King has her hopping between our world and the fey worlds with Puck, Ash, and Grimalkin. She does get stronger and more capable as the book goes and the author gives you two reasons to go on to the next book by the end.

I’ll have to come back to the love triangle book after I pick up The Iron Daughter, but for now, I’m moving on to my next book in the 2015 Reading Challenge. This week I will be reading “a book more than 100 years old,” which will be The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas.

What did you read this week?

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