When I saw that one of the books on the 2015 Reading Challenge was “a book that scares you,” Bram Stoker’s Dracula was the first book that came to mind. You see, I went through a brief period when I was about 10-years-old or so where I was reading horror books. I stopped after a particularly vivid nightmare of a vampire climbing through my second-story bedroom window while I tried to scream for my mom, but my voice was only a whisper.

I was understandably nervous about reading this. However, I found it less scary than I thought it would be and a lot more thrilling. The suspense in Dracula is well done. If you know enough about ‘traditional’ vampires, you’ll know what’s going on and why things are done certain ways in the book, but that just seems to add to the suspense as you watch certain characters miss warning signs.

The writing style is interesting, as it’s all journal entries or letters, which also adds to the suspense, especially at the beginning when it makes the switch from Jonathan Harker’s journal to the letters between Mina and Lucy. You are left hanging about Jonathan’s fate for quite a while.

I enjoyed the characters and the various aspects that they brought to the table, though I had been unaware that Van Helsing had originated from Dracula. I have heard him mentioned in some urban fantasy books as being a ‘vampire hunter’. He wasn’t exactly what I expected from what I’ve previously read, but overall, I enjoyed him a lot. I particularly liked Mina as a character. She wasn’t exactly a frail little flower of a female as you sometimes see in classic books. She played just as much of a role in the story as the men did.

Overall, I’d recommend this book. I enjoyed it and found it really hard to put down. It was also available for free on my Kindle app on my iPod, which made it really easy to read while doing other things, such as nursing my twin girls at midnight. Yes, I actually was reading Dracula in the middle of the night.

I had previously fallen behind on my ‘book a week’ plan, but if I’ve done my math right, I’m now caught back up, so these reviews will go back to being once a week and most likely on Saturday. Now that I’m caught up, I’ve started rolling dice to determine my next book for the reading challenge. This week I’m reading “A book with a love triangle.” According to a list on Goodreads, The Iron King by Julie Kagawa should fit. Bonus points because The Iron Fey series has already been recommended to me by a friend.

What are you reading this week?

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