Reindeer Moon

Today I’m review Reindeer Moon by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. This was “A book written by an author with your same initials” for my 2015 Reading Challenge.

I picked this book out of the fiction section in my library during one of my rare solo trips into town. Spent a bit of time browsing the ‘T’ section and found about a half dozen books with E.T. initials. This one intrigued me the most out of what I saw that day. By the way, My husband had to gripe about the cover, saying, “That’s not a reindeer! That’s an Irish elk!”

Reindeer Moon is told from the perspective of a Yanan, a girl from a hunter/gatherer tribe in Siberia. I wasn’t a huge fan of the spirit worship in the book, being Christian, but that did lend for some interesting storytelling. The book alternates between Yanan’s physical adventures and her adventures after she dies. The two different time frames tie in well, though the first few switches caught me off guard. After a bit, I saw how they related and built upon the story.

The world that is constructed in the book is very vivid and none of the hardships are glossed over. You get a great picture of how life could have been. Plus, Yanan’s a fun character to follow. She’s tough and determined, managing to survive very harsh situations throughout the book.

I’ll be reviewing Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell next time as my “Classic romance”.


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