I read Bastion by Mercedes Lackey for the next book in my 2015 Reading Challenge. This one checks off “A book with magic”. I also decided to read this because when I read Closer To Home a few weeks ago, I realized that I missed Bastion.

When I started to read Bastion, I got really confused. For some reason, I had almost no memory of reading Redoubt, the 4th of The Collegium Chronicles. According to my Goodreads account, however, I read it back in 2013. In my defense, I was incredibly sick that summer due to some health issues that a miscarriage caused. So, after a while, I remembered that I had indeed read Redoubt, and wasn’t 2 books behind.


I mentioned in my review of Closer To Home that I enjoyed that one. Bastion… not so much. Mags arrives back at the Herald’s Collegium, then leaves again. He’s supposedly trying to throw off some people hunting him from previous books (and that thread seems to get lost between Bastion and Closer To Home). The way I heard someone describe it, the book is “6 people, 2 horses, and 2 not-horses go camping”. That’s the essence of the book.

Well, we do get to meet Mags’ cousin Bey, who I knew about from Closer To Home, but I felt like he showed up way too late in the book. Bey was the most interesting character in this book and I hope Mercedes Lackey will bring him back in later books.

There was very little in Bastion that I didn’t already know from Closer To Home, so it was almost a pointless read.

Next time, I’ll be reviewing Reindeer Moon by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas for “A book written by an author with your same initials.” After that, I’m tackling the 1000 page monstrosity that is Gone With The Wind….

Anyone have a good suggestion for something after that?

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