Closer to Home – A 2015 Reading Challenge Review

Since I’m playing a bit of catch up with my reading now, I’m on my second review for the week. I read Closer to Home by Mercedes Lackey during the later part of the week and finished it just in time for it to go back to the library. This qualifies as my “Book with nonhuman characters”. I spotted the book on the New Releases shelf at the library a couple weeks ago and since I’ve read a great number of Mercedes Lackey’s books, I had to grab it. Unfortunately, I missed reading Bastion, the 5th book in the Collegium Chronicles, which takes place before Closer to Home, so there were a few things referenced in the book that I was clueless about.

However, I still enjoyed Closer to Home. Mags may be one of my favorite characters from this fantasy world, so it was fun to see more of him. I really like the world building that Mercedes Lackey has done for Valdemar. She makes sure to look at all different aspects of a fantasy medieval society. Some scenes are done in the midst of all the glitz and glamor of the nobility, while others are down in the slums of the city where people do anything to survive. Mags moves well between the two worlds in his job as the king’s spy and it’s fun to watch him use his different personas to head off trouble for the kingdom.

Okay, and I admit there’s a part inside me that remembers a little girl that loves horses and what’s better than a talking horse? The Companions didn’t seem to have as big of a role in Closer to Home as they have in some of the other books. Most of the action involved Mags and Amily, with brief sashays in to a new young character’s life, who I think we’ll see more of in later books in the series.

Next time, I’ll be reviewing American Sniper by Chris Kyle. This will check off the “Memoir” category, though I’m not 100% certain what the difference is between a memoir and an autobiography, but I’m not going to quibble about it.

What have you been reading this week?

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