Pride and Prejudice – A 2015 Reading Challenge Review

If you read my post, Coming up for air, you’ll know why this is so late.

It was a little rough to jump into Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice so soon after The Silmarillion. Especially considering how challenging the month of February has been. I was moderately familiar with the story already, at least as far as the whole “Elizabeth Bennet hates Mr. Darcy then falls in love with him later” bit goes. Other than that, the vast majority of the plot was new to me.

I have a special fondness for good first lines, and Pride and Prejudice possessed one that made me chuckle. Jane Austen also had some very witty remarks that I enjoyed. I found the beginning and end of the book the most interesting, though the middle dragged quite a bit for me.

I haven’t read a lot of stories written and set in that particular time period, so the setting for the book was intriguing. While there are definite downsides to the mindset a great deal of people had in those days regarding marriage, I found myself wishing for some of the courtesy and manners prevalent in that time. I appreciate chivalry and good manners. Of course, there were plenty of characters who did NOT display the appropriate manners, such as Mrs. Bennet and her younger daughters. I think it would have driven me crazy if it were true of my mother that “The business of her life was to get her daughters married; its solace was visiting and news.” I would have been much more of a mind of Elizabeth towards everything.

As far as writing style goes, I found Austin’s lack of dialog tags made certain conversations a bit tricky to read. There was especially one between Elizabeth and Lady Catherine that I kept having to back up and double check to see who was talking.

However. there were plenty of fun characters, and a bit of deception and drama to shake things up.

In a few days, I’ll be reviewing Closer to Home by Mercedes Lackey as my “Book with nonhuman characters”.

What are you reading this week? Do you have a good recommendation for a book written by someone under 30?

4 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice – A 2015 Reading Challenge Review

  1. Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favorite books, if not the best. It’s so hard to just pick one favorite! That is quite a 180 you did from Tolkien to Austen 😛 I’m a sucker for good first lines of a book also and yes, P & P has one of the best. Even though Moby Dick was not a favorite read of mine, “Call me Ishmael” is a great first line. I look forward to your next review! As far as authors under 30 go, my husband really enjoyed Eragon though I have another friend saying he just ripped off Tolkien. I haven’t read it so I honestly don’t know my feelings about it. I would say it should be safe to say to peruse the Young Adult books as my guess is a lot of those authors are under 30. Hope that helps!


    • Heh, Paolini and I have a bit of history. He’s actually local and we’re about the same age. When he first self-published Eragon, I was working at a bookstore where he did a signing. I’ve got a signed copy the self-published version, but unfortunately, he was an incredible jerk to my friends and me. I read Eragon, because I’d already paid for it, but never touched any of his other books. Thanks for the suggestion though!

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