Coming up for air

“Thirty days hath September,

April, June, and November.

All the rest have thirty-one,

Except for February,

Which has ninety…”

I heard that variation of the famous months of the year rhyme a couple years ago and found it humorous. February always seems like the longest month of the year. This year has been no exception. One week left to go and I’ll be glad to put this month behind me.

I’ve fallen a bit behind in my 2015 Reading Challenge. The Silamarillion took a lot out of me and after that, I dove into Pride and Prejudice, which I’m unfortunately struggling with as well. I’m little over halfway through it at this point. I just need a good hour or two to sit and read, but a lot has been getting in the way. I’ve got my next book picked out, which will be a much easier read mentally.

I’ve been focused on finishing up the stories for the Tales of Mysera anthology. I’m taking a break from revisions as I write this. The eight stories are all revised, but since I revise on paper, I need to put the changes into the computer. Currently, three of the eight stories are completely done. I originally had a personal goal of publishing the anthology next week. A few hiccups have set that back a bit.

Distracting me from my reading and writing were troubles around the house. One of my twins was diagnosed with RSV earlier this month. Fortunately, it was not severe, so all that was required was extra rest and cuddles from Mommy. Unfortunately, her twin and 4-year-old sister caught it right as she was getting better, so we did it all over again. I spent two weeks without leaving the house (with the exception of a couple doctor visits).

On top of my house full of sickies, my husband’s paycheck was delayed by ten days. Since he gets paid once a month, we’re usually pretty ready for that check when payday comes. Unfortunately, there’s been an ongoing issue with the checks getting to us late. Usually, they’re only five days late. This month it was a full ten. Last week we had a lot of beans and a few leftover meals from the freezer for our dinners and lunches.

I’m thankful that I have a positive attitude towards difficulties. It was something I learned during my 6 months in Africa. While in Africa, it was not unusual to have the power off for several days, to have issues with running water, to be sick, or have any number of other challenges. I quickly adopted an attitude of “This is my difficulty. I can’t change it. How can I adapt to make it through?” That attitude has served me well since then. This month, especially, I had moments where I had to step back and figure out what I had and how I could make it work. My husband appreciated the attitude, because he was stressed out enough with the whole no-paycheck thing.

So, everyone is better and there’s money in the bank account again. Hopefully I’ll have a review up by Saturday and a book ready for purchase in the next couple of weeks!

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