Goals for 2015

Hey, look!

It’s a bright, shiny new year!

I stayed up until midnight last night, just to ring it in. Then my almost-4-month-old twin girls decided to wake me up about half an hour later for a midnight snack… I blame the fireworks…

I don’t so much set resolutions around the New Year. I focus on goals instead. The school I attended growing up had a pretty heavy focus on daily goals, so goals are not a foreign concept to me. Plus, I found myself a couple of aids for my goals this year.

Holly Lisle’s Ugly Baby Class – http://howtothinksideways.com/

The Passion Planner – http://www.passionplanner.com/

I will probably talk more about Holly Lisle and her great courses and classes later on. I purchased several writing clinics a couple years ago and she is by far the best writing instructor I’ve come across. Her methods work incredibly well for me and for the way my mind works. This year, she is encouraging her students to focus on building their writing careers through a class she’s calling “Ugly Baby.” The first exercise she had us do focused on setting goals for writing.

The Passion Planner is something I discovered through my cousin’s Facebook post. I printed out a couple of trial sheets from the website and found that it worked well for me. In the first few pages of the official planner, you are walked through how to find your “passion” and how to use the planner to set goals to push you where you want to be.

Using Holly Lisle’s classes and the Passion Planner, I’m going to focus on my writing like never before. Already, I’ve completed revisions on Sentinels of Mysera. I didn’t quite reach my end of the year goal of getting it out to agents, but I’m still working towards that. I’ve also started work on an anthology of short stories focused in my fantasy world of Mysera. Right now, the goal is to have the anthology published in e-book form in the next few months. I’ll be tacking on a more firm date on that after I sit down for some serious goal setting.

Writing Goals for 2015

  • Publish SoM
  • Publish Anthology #1
  • Revise SoM Book 2: Battle of the Bargaws

What are YOUR goals for 2015?

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