It is done… again.

Sentinels of Mysera is done and in the computer. It just needs one more read through to make sure I didn’t screw up anything weird during the retype.

I REALLY hope I got it this time!

I’ve done major rewrites of this book numerous times. My “Sentinels of Mysera” folder is littered with files titled, “2nd Draft,” “Final Draft,” “2009 Draft,” “2010 Final Draft,” etc.

It has definitely gotten better each time. I’ve learned a lot about the revision process, though there certainly is still more for me to learn.

Now, it’s on to the query letters and synopsis for SoM. Time to give this manuscript wings and send it out the door! We’ll see how it does in the big, bad world of professional publishing. If it gets accepted, then great! If not, I’ve plans to self-publish it in the next few months.

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